Wellbeing and coronavirus

With school now open once more, we will provide updates about coronavirus, and any new guidance from the DfE or the government. Wellbeing will be a focus this term, please see our resources to support this.


One way you can support wellbeing for both yourself and your child is through mindfulness, and Miss Dolz had this advice: Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the here and now without  judgement. It is easy when you know how, as any activity can be done with a sense of mindfulness. For example, whilst eating dinner the focus of attention can be directed to the flavours and textures of the food.  This means focusing on what is happening now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. Times as they are, it is even more important to focus our minds and bodies to be in the present moment, without feeling fearful about the future. Practising mindfulness is incredibly empowering to children and it can help them manage stress and anxiety. Moreover, it can help them to feel encouraged to try new things and take more risks, reduce anxiety by focusing their breathing and promote kindness as a replacement for judgement.

Other sources of support

This NSPCC report can help adults think about what support needs to be put in place for young people at this time. The Cheshire and Wirral Partnership (CWP) has launched a new 24/7 mental health helpline for all ages including children and young people who need urgent mental health support on 0300 303 3972. There is also a helpline called StarLine to support parents with home learning 0330 313 9162.  Elsie Ever After is a local charity based in Chester, which signposts bereaved families to local organisations, which can support. On request they can send out bereavement packs for children that contain activities and a story book about grief.