Pupils learn about British values at Upton Heath

It was a case of democracy in action recently at Upton Heath Primary School when pupils participated in a mock election to coincide with the general election.

The mock election at the Cheshire primary school was part of Upton Heath’s work on British Values, led by teacher Mrs Lewis. Pupils formed three non political parties, Transform, Tomorrow and Progress, creating their own manifestos and campaigning on issues related to three key areas- global, school and personal. Campaign issues included poaching, racism and discrimination, deforestation and plastic pollution.

After voting by children in KS2, the Tomorrow party were elected. Mrs Lewis, who is the lead on British values at Upton Heath, said the project was an opportunity for promoting British values in action, and giving pupils a greater understanding of the democratic election process.

Pupils at Upton Heath said they learnt a lot from the process including empathy, responsibility, public speaking skills and adaptability.

Work on British values will continue at Upton Heath in the new year.