Wildlife in the garden week for Upton Heath

The whole team at Upton Heath are so incredibly proud of our pupils at the moment, and how they are adapting to this new way of learning. But, if we needed yet another reason to be proud, our children provided it during wildlife in the garden week.

During the week of the 20th April 2020, our pupils at Upton Heath were all asked to participate in a project designed to get them exploring the wildlife on their doorsteps. Resources for the project were put together by Sarah Pearson of our very own Branching Out and covered fun tasks like making nature reserves, mini beast houses and bird feeders, as well as undertaking mini beast hunts and bird surveys.

Our older children had a go at designing a wildlife garden, researching British wild plants, animals or insects and even designing their own game. By writing persuasive letters about issues that wildlife face in the UK, KS2 were also able to extend their knowledge and understanding of these pertinent issues.

A parent at Upton Heath commented: “The boys have both really loved building a bug house and mini nature reserve and they think some bugs might have moved in already! They are in different year groups so don’t often get to work together but they both really enjoyed the challenge.”

Whilst an Upton Heath pupil commented: “This week I have done lots of work about bugs. I made a bug house with pieces of wood, nails, toilet roll tubes, leaves, straw, pine cones and sticks. I had to use a saw to saw the wood to the right size and a hammer to bang the nails in. I had to be very careful and safe using the tools. I hope lots of bugs come into my bug house.”

Well done to all of our children for their fantastic efforts during our wildlife in the garden week.

For more on our wildlife in the garden week, please see all of the brilliant content created for our 24th April newsletter by our pupils: