Meet Buddy, our school dog.

Buddy joined us in September 2021 as a 4-month old Poodle-cross puppy. He has spent the last few months being trained, both at school and by attending external training classes.

There is a significant amount of research in place that outlines the many benefits to having a dog in school, and I am delighted to say that we are lucky enough to have Buddy.

Children are able to interact with Buddy, under strict supervision from an adult, as long as parental permission has been given.

We understand that it is not possible for all families to have a dog and therefore see this as a fantastic opportunity for children to have a ‘share’ in an animal companion and gain from building a relationship with him and having him around school.

Mrs Morris is the legal owner of Buddy. He is her family pet and she cares for Buddy out of school hours and bears the costs associated with him. He has a comprehensive insurance and is registered with a reputable vet.

When in school Buddy is kept in Mrs Morris’ office to ensure he only comes into contact with children who are happy to have contact and have parental permission for this, under strict supervision. We are careful to ensure that time spent with the Buddy is shared among the children fairly. We also ensure that children who do not have permission for direct contact are still able to participate in a number of ways, should they wish to.

We have been very fortunate to have had The Dog’s trust in school to deliver age-appropriate workshops to all our children. The children were taught how to approach a dog safely and discovered lots of interesting facts about dogs. These workshops were interactive and the children really enjoyed getting involved and practising their skills when meeting Buddy around school.

Should you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact school.