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Pawprints Club - Gallery 2

Lesson: Learning Outside the Classroom

This week the children participated in three tasks to complete the requirements to earn their first badge - Superhero Adventures!

First they took on the hula hoop challenge to test their flexibility, team work and perseverence. The aim was to pass a hula hoop along an unbroken chain of children - easy - until the hoop got smaller, the line got longer and multi hoops were introduced. They did manage it with 25 children and at one point 8 hoops!

Then the children made some very tasty Superhero Sticks using fresh fruit (in the colours of their chosen superhero) drizzled in melted chocolate for that extra energy boost....these also went down very well with the adults!

Last of all, we sat in a circle and passed around the Blueberry Speaking Stick sharing which super power we would like to have and why. Teleportation, super strength, flying, super speed, control of fire and power to heal were just a few that were mentioned.

Here are some photos of the fun we had...