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School Tour

Welcome to Upton Heath C of E Primary School

Come and have a look around our school...

The Office

As you walk in the door of Upton Heath you will be welcomed by our friendly office staff, Mrs Beddows, Mrs Parker-Rich and Mr Oakes. Safeguarding is extremely important, please bear with us while you sign in and are issued with one of our visitor passes.

We’re a very large school and we’ll be more than happy to show you around. If this is your first visit you’ll be amazed at how large we are and you’ll be inspired by all the resources and activities we have for the children to learn from.

As we walk around you’ll feel the positive, vibrant atmosphere and please do take time to look at the various displays the children have made that line the corridors. They’re rightfully proud of their efforts which embrace Christian principles and add light and colour to the school.

Please feel free to fill in a Parent Communication form to help us celebrate our successes and to identify the opportunities we have to make things even better.


Thank you for visiting, and welcome to our community.

School Halls

We are so lucky at our school because we have two halls. As well as coming together everyday for Collective Acts of Worship, we also use them for many exciting activities including wider opportunities (music), PE, drama, art, dance and using the space for our entry points for new learning. At break time and lunch time they are transformed into places where we can eat our snack and our delicious lunches.

Foundation Stage - EYFS

Here in Foundation Stage we are very fortunate to have our wonderful canopy, which enables us to play and learn outdoors all year round, whatever the weather!

We have lots of fun and opportunities to create and build in our block play area, and we are free to choose and enjoy healthy snacks which make us grow big and strong in our Snack Cafe.

Year 1

In year 1 our aim is to support the children on their journey towards becoming independent learners.

During the autumn term, we embrace the principles of EYFS until the children are ready for the National Curriculum.

The classroom environment supports this. We have a small number of tables, areas of provision for child initiated activities and an outdoor learning space.

We deliver the curriculum in a multisensory way, planning practical experiences that are first hand and fun!

As the year progresses the learning becomes more structured, ensuring the children continue to flourish as they move on.

Year 2

Year 2 consists of two large open plan classrooms with a shared learning area and access to outdoor learning areas. Like all the classes, Year 2 have an Interactive Whiteboard in each room and 3 class computers in a computer bay. We also have regular use of the ipads.

Year 2 have a creative, rich curriculum that motivates and stretches the children to reach their full potential. Children undertake a wide range of engaging, hands on learning tasks as well as moving towards more structured learning to help aide a smooth transition into key stage 2. The RE area helps the children to be reflective and develops their skills in forming their own prayers.

A word from the children:

In Year 2 we get to go on residential to Tattenhall. I can’t wait because we will be making pirate boats and toy cars with wheels that move. I’m looking forward to having hot chocolate at night time and sleeping over with my friends.

Year 3

There are two spacious year 3 classrooms which look out to the schools vegetable garden. Both classes have numerous boards displaying children’s work and focusing on current areas of learning. The displays are interactive which allow the children to take control of their learning and stimulate their curiosity. Year 3 enjoy a smooth transition from key stage 1 to key stage 2 through a creative and rich curriculum. The topics covered in year 3 excite and motivate every learner.

Year 4

In Year 4 we aim to give our children a varied curriculum through our core subjects and topics. We study the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, Rivers and our new topic Departures and Arrivals. We worked with local artist Rory McCann on some fantastic conservation inspired artwork and enjoy an excellent residential trip to Burwardsley for 2 nights every year. We are also taking part in the ‘Sing Up’ program and performance at Chester Cathedral.

Year 5

There are two adjoining classes for year 5 on the upper junior corridor. Both classes have various areas displaying the children’s work and highlighting key learning points. The displays are interactive and celebrate success as well as showing the children the things they need to include in their work in order to make progress. In year 5 the topics covered allow the children opportunities to work outside the classroom as well as collaboratively with all the children in the year. The transition to year 6 and on to high school begins in the summer term of year 5 when high school projects and visits take place to enhance learning and familiarise the children with new settings and teaching staff.

Year 6

We have 2 bright and interactive year 6 classrooms with lots of vibrate and creative learning areas. The children and teachers created their own reading area and writing area outside the classroom, which encourages independence, ready for the transition to High School. During year 6 we cover a range of exciting topics including Superheroes and Theme Parks. The children enjoy a creative curriculum which is replicated in their approach to home learning tasks, which are proudly dispalyed outside the classroom. At the start of the year we go on a residential visit to Min-y-don Christian Adventure Centre which  initiates the team approach we encourage.

A word from the children:

"It's great in year 6. It feels different to the rest of the school as you have much more responisbilties and opportunities. We all know one another really well and the children and teachers are really supportive of one another. I really enjoy all of the activities and trips we go on. It is so much fun."

Learning Centre and Learning Mentor

The Learning Centre is a quiet room where group work takes place and is used throughout the day by children from both key stage 1 and key stage 2. Some of its uses include: a before school breakfast club for year 6 on a Friday and a Lunchtime Club is run throughout the week who need respite from the playground. It can also be used as an extra space for children to work independently in groups during lesson times. The Learning Centre is very versatile with moving boards to divide the space into working zones but can also be used as a large space for larger groups.

School Playground

In Foundation Stage we have our own area to play with lots of climbing frames and an undercover area with lots to do so we can play outside whatever the weather.

Our Key Stage 1 playground has lots to do with exciting adventure play area and lots of open space to run, skip or make up your own games.

In Key Stage 2 there is lots of space for all types of fun activities at play times. We can play netball, cricket, football or just sit and chat to our friends in the willow tunnel.

Mini Woods and Pond area

Just a walk across the school field and you arrive at our very own “mini woods”.

Here children across the school enjoy Forest School sessions led by our qualified Forest School leaders.  It is a place for learning about the changing seasons and the natural world around us, acquiring new skills, enjoying being outdoors and learning about ourselves.

Upton Village Pre-School

Since January 2013 we have been based within Upton Heath C of E Primary School and very much feel part of the school.  We work within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in the same way as school Reception classes, which helps ease the transition to school for our children. Our dedicated staff, who have many years of experience between them, is led by a qualified teacher and all staff hold current child care qualifications.

The Head and Deputy's Office

Mrs Moreton and Mrs O'Leary-Davies work together in their office.

We always look forward to children visiting our office to share their amazing learning with us.