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To sign up for a club please log in the VLE using your child's password, edit the Wiki to add your child's name and then press save.


Netball club

Ms Hodge runs the netball club, for year 5 and 6 children, on Wednesdays after school. Both boys and girls are encouraged to join.  They learn the skills of the game (both high 5s and 7s) and from this club, Ms Hodge selects teams to play in league matches and netball competitions. 
Football club Mr Johnson will be running the football club on Wednesdays after school, usually on the field. It will be a great opportunity for our budding stars of the future to develop their skills, stamina and teamwork. He will also be using this club to help him choose who will represent the school in the Football Team this year, but most importantly to have fun.

Girl's Football Club

  Miss Redmond and Mr Jervis  run this club on a Monday after school. It is available for all the girls in KS2, to learn about football, increase their skills and to have fun whilst getting fit with their friends.



Each week the children will take part in a fun Philosophy for Children session. These sessions encourage the children to think critically, caringly, collaboratively and creatively.


An excellent opportunity to work with a leading Choral Conductor Dr Martin Cooke, who has worked with many choirs over the years including the Chester Music Society Junior Choir.  Our children will not only learn to sing, no matter their ability, but also have the added advantage of learning to read music, work as a team and practise performing for audiences within our wider community. Come along and give it a go.  We are great singers here at Upton Heath C of E Primary.


On Friday mornings before school, Miss Hodge runs a ‘change4life’ club where the children take part in lots of games and activities designed most importantly to be fun but also to encourage a sense of achievement, a love of exercise and teamwork.

Home Learning Club

Each Friday from 3.30 to 4.30 Mr Jones runs a Home Learning club. The laptops  are available so that children can research their homework topics. There are lots of resources in the classroom such as dictionaries, thesauruses and atlases to refer to. The teachers are there to help and support too!

Band We have some talented musicians in school and the right equipment so let's start a band! This is completely new so even Mr Riley doesn't know how it will turn out. A world tour is the ultimate aim, but who knows. Guitar, bass, drums and keyboards are the instruments we need.
Recorders Club Mrs Moreton runs a recorder group on a Thursday at lunchtime. Recorders is the first opportunity for many chidlren to learn to play a musical instrument.  Not only do they get the opportunity to learn to play a recorder they also learn to read music competently.  The expectation is that any chidlren attending the club also take on the responsibilty of getting in to the habit of practising if they hope to be successful.
Cross Country Club Each Wednesday, Miss Hunt and Miss Preston will be taking runners on safe routes around Upton. We will be running, jogging, sprinting and taking part in various shuttle runs to get the children ready for various Cross Country competitions this term. Come and join in the fun.
Drama Club