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My child needs to have medicine administered during school hours

If your child needs to have medicine administered during school hours, please complete a 'request to administer medication' form and bring to the school office. 
The course of treatment must be discussed with a first aider before any medication is administered.
Thank you.

If my child is unwell, what do I do?

All of our guidance is in accordance with the advice given by the Health Protection Agency.  Please follow this link for more information regarding specific illnesses and their recommendations. 
If you child has been sick or has had diarrhoea we expect them to be kept at home for 48 hours after the last episode, in accordance with our First Aid Policy. 
If you are unsure please do not hesitate to ask.
Many thanks for your cooperation.

I would like to take a photograph at a school event.

It is lovely to take photographs or video clips of your child whilst they are growing up.  The majority of the time we do not have any issues with photographs being taken of your individual children so that you have pictures, however, some families do not give permission for their children to be included in group photographs or videos. It is important that we respect the wishes of those families as they will have their own reasons for such decisions.
If you are attending a school event, the member of staff leading the particular event will tell you if it is acceptable for photographs to be taken of your individual child or groups; likewise the use of videos.  Please ensure that you follow their direction accordingly.
When children enrol in our school we ask for parents and carers to indicate their wishes with regards to use of photographs and video in school.  If you wish to change your level of permission for your child then please contact the school admin team 01244 972970 or email them at 
Many thanks for your cooperation.

Can I use a mobile phone on the school premises?

The use of mobile phones anywhere on the school premises is not recommended for pupils, parents, staff and visitors. Where mobile phones need to be used then there are specially designated areas within the school building where this has been agreed as being acceptable. 
Please do not use mobile phones on the school grounds unless absolutely necessary and certainly avoid from using them during school hours 8.45 - 3.45pm. 
If you are visiting school as a parent or volunteer please do not use your mobile phone without agreement from the headteacher. 
This guidance has been put into place to protect you as well as your children.  

 Safeguarding Children
Mobile Phone / Camera Policy Statement
Upton Heath C of E Primary School
is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for children and their families.

In line with government recommendations, mobile phones with in-built cameras and cameras should not be used by parents, volunteers, or staff unless full consent is gained in advance.

Within every day practice at Upton Heath C of E School, staff will often use cameras as photographs are a key way to record information and support children’s learning and achievements. These are recorded on school data cards and their use is monitored.  
This policy statement supports this practice but aims to reassure parents that this will only occur with full parental consent and is in line with the School’s Safeguarding policies.