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PTA Team and contact

"If you want something done ask a busy person " 

quoted by Benjamin Franklin  .

Are you busy ? Great!  please sign up and join your PTA we definitely need you! A thriving parents and teachers association plasy a pivotal role in the schools success. 

The PTA  will be doing really great things in the coming year , we startted with our first PTA forest school & hot chocolate session in November, which was such a great success and we are hoping to make this a regular event and opportunity for parents to experience a part of school life we all know our children love. Coming up is a fantastic Christmas Celebration to include hog roast, a lantern parade and fabulous craft market followed by film nights, book swishes, bedtime story night, Sports Day Family picnic (thanks to Acorns lovely mum Cher)  and a super Summer Fate finale, plus!  just about anything we can fit into the year to enhance our schools already great community spirit and support the school in giving our children a exciting curriculum and school experience. 

The Upton Heath PTA welcomes all parents and is truly grateful for support no matter how small the contribution. There are so many rolls to fill from simply making cakes for a cake sale, sending out a letter or two for fundraising, designing a poster , manning a stall to training other parents, offering skills in gardening , arts, crafts , sports etc and just attending an event. Most importantly it's whatever makes you who you are , your help, your skill or hobby or professional expertise and a little bit of your time. You are the driving force of the PTA and together we can make a great things happen. 

We have a PTA mailing list that you will keep you well informed of everything going on and also gives you the opportunity to express your own ideas, offer help and have an informal voice to discuss views on the school. 
To Join  send an email   stating you wish to be put on the PTA  list and your done ! 
Which of course really means you will have signed your life away and we won't let you go from that point ! 


Sign up with the following email


PTA Team 


Corrie Clemmer and Claire Lewis


Emma Austin


Amanda Barr 

Tel : 07947662894