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Our approach to Writing

Our approach to writing and Phonics

To enable your child to become a great writer they are taught Phonics alongside writing. It is of high priority to all teachers as it enables pupils to decode for reading and encode for spelling. The teaching of Phonics is an integral part of the curriculum in EYFS and Key Stage 1.

We follow the National phonics programme, ‘Letters and Sounds’, where children are taught the 44 phonemes that make up all the sounds required for reading and spelling. These phonemes include those made by just one letter and those that are made by two or more.  As the children grow in confidence and experience, they are introduced to alternative ways of representing the same sound.

We ensure that phonics teaching is rigorous, structured and enjoyable. Children have discrete, daily sessions where they revisit and consolidate prior learning , are introduced to new phonemes, and can then practise and apply what they have learned.

We use a range of multisensory strategies to enthuse and engage the children, including the use of interactive whiteboards, magnetic letters, speaking and listening, songs, rhymes and practical activities.  Children work with pace and are encouraged to apply their knowledge across the curriculum with any reading or writing activities.

Alongside the phonics lessons, children have access to a language rich environment where they are able to apply their decoding skills and develop language comprehension in order to support  all aspects of learning in literacy.

Writing at Upton Heath

At Upton Heath we encourage the children to develop a love of writing and teach the skills needed in order to become confident and independent writers.

Our literacy lessons are exciting and engaging and we use quality texts to reinforce our creative approach to teaching. We aim to provide real-life writing opportunities so the children understand that their writing has a purpose.

We make our writing as cross curricular as possible by linking our literacy units with our topic themes. Through the use of stimulating resources, exciting entry points and celebratory exit points we can ignite their passion and creativity for writing.

At every opportunity we explore the composition, grammar and punctuation of sentences and investigate different text and genre features.

At Upton Heath we have a dyslexia-friendly school script which encourages and teaches children to develop a legible, fluent and fast way of writing which enables the letters to be joined easily. This results in the continuity of handwriting styles and presentation throughout the school.

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