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Our approach to Science

Science is a valued area of the curriculum at Upton Heath Church of England school. We recognise our responsibility in preparing our children for life in the 21st century Through science our children gain a solid grounding in scientific knowledge, develop skills as investigators and have the opportunity to meet science specialists through the wide range of science enrichment activities we plan for.  

We have created a carefully planned curriculum that ensures coverage of all the statutory requirements of the new National Curriculum for science as well as being child centred.

This was recognised in September 2015 when we were rewarded the silver PSQM mark (primary science quality mark) 


"Effective monitoring has allowed identification of targets which are well linked to the whole school targets"

"Science is clearly valued. It is super how science is made relevant to the children and how parents are involved (love the idea of using twitter). It was a privilege to read the experiences that have been planned and carried out in and beyond the school."

"Range of assessment for learning strategies used. The system is clearly designed to help teachers and children to identify their strengths and what they can do to improve. Fabulous."

"Congratulations on your well- deserved PSQM silver award. You should feel very proud of all you have achieved."


Pupil views about science:

" I like it as it’s exciting and you get to do lots of hands on learning. My favourite was when Upton High school teachers came and helped us dissect a pig’s eye. I felt like a proper scientist! It was much better than just looking at a picture- I can still remember the different parts now" MD y6


"It’s fun! I really like science as you always learn something new." TT y5


" I like having all different visitors and scientists into school. I enjoyed finding out about DNA  when we used test tubes and it was really interesting to actually see DNA that’s inside us!"  ET y4


" The best thing about science is being able to touch things and not get into trouble! I really like exploring new ideas and always learn something new each lesson" y3


"I liked tasting space ice cream and making planet books. At  Tattenhall we made space cars and then tested them out on a ramp." y2