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Our approach to Reading

Children are taught reading from the moment that they start in our school.  Details of programmes of study will be found within each year groups curriculum planning.  Our approach to reading is based on developing reading skills through a carousel of reading activities.  These focus on SPAG - spelling, punctuation and grammar and all children complete a range of different activities during the week.

The activities include:

Targeted support - led by the teacher.  Focus is comprehension, reading with expression and understanding.  Staff access the progress your child makes against National Curriculum objectives and this is used to inform next steps for improvement for individuals.  

Focussed SPAG activity - enabling children to demonstrate their application of skills; changing with the needs of chidlren; embracing different forms of reading materials including books, support sheets and iPads.

Child-led groups - children are encouraged to choose their own reading materials to encourage a love of learning.  This may link to many different areas including their own research projects, world events, areas of specific interest.  Activities are open ended and engaging.

Independent reading - children are having a chance to be absorbed in their own levelled reading book. Children are taught how to make the correct choices regarding reading books.  Reading diaries are used to encourage chidlren to keep a record of their reading material.  Responses to this literature is encouraged in their diaries and also in their literacy and topic work during the week.  


We use a super reading resource in school, Bug Club which our children enjoy using.This was introduced after being trialled in school and the feedback from pupils and parents was overwhelmingly positive. Parental feeback has been extremely positive with comments such as 'this has motivated my child to want to read'  'Thank you for introducing Bug Club' The range of books helps my child make relevant choices and supports them well.'  It is a whole school approach to reading that combines books and games in an online reading world.  To find out more follow this link:

To support you and your child with reading then you can download the following documents.



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