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Our approach to R.E.

Religious Education is a valued area of the curriculum at Upton Heath Church of England Primary School.  We use the Cheshire West and Chester agreed syllabus to guide us in planning and teaching exciting and engaging lessons. Our syllabus is split up into 5 different religions: Christianity; Hinduism; Judaism; Sikhism and Islam. Children are taught about other faiths and cultures through tolerance and respect and each individual’s religion in our school is celebrated; pupils are encouraged to share aspects of their personal religion with their peers.

We approach each topic with a new question and key concept to answer and investigate. This allows children to be inquisitive, resourceful and, most importantly, reflective. Reflecting on what the children have learnt and relating this new information to their own lives is crucial at Upton Heath.

In EYFS, Religious Education is taught through Godly Play. The children learn through listening to stories and exploring artefacts which allow them to experience the world in a new light.

 We aim for children to:

  • Be aware of aspects of the natural world which evoke awe and wonder and to understand the idea of a caring God;
  • Be able to form relationships based on love, sympathy and consideration;
  • Have imagination and sensitivity to share other people’s experiences;
  • Understand some of the different ways in which people can express their religious experiences;
  • Understand how people’s religions affect their every-day lives.

Religious Education is taught in a cross-curricular style which relates to every pupil in our care. Children enjoy combining all subjects and produce work of a high standard as a result. Please come and look at some of this work in our Religious Education book in our reception area.