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Our approach to Behaviour

At Upton Heath C of E Primary School we aim to:-

To provide outstanding learning experiences within a vibrant and secure environment that embraces Christian principles.

Within this aim the school sets high standards for the behaviour and conduct that is expected of all pupils and adults.  To promote effective teaching and learning, the school is focussed on good conduct and will endeavour to enlist parents’/carers’ support in implementing and maintaining best practice to achieve its goals.

Therefore, the commitment of all employed in the School is:

  • To promote and support appropriate behaviour and good conduct;
  • To encourage active self-control and acceptance of responsibility;
  • To ensure the safety and wellbeing of each child whilst on school premises and when engaged in authorised school activities elsewhere.

Ofsted, July 2013 commented that the behaviour in our school is outstanding.

We are currently piloting a new approach to behaviour in school for all of our children and the school community.