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Learning Mentor

Who is the Learning Mentor?  Mrs Morris is our learning mentor at school.  She is available to talk to when you have a problem that means it is making it difficult to learn well in school.  Parents and carers can also approach her and get support for their children and families.  Mrs Morris has many different ideas on how to help children who are finding things a bit tricky or challenging. 

How do I get to see the Learning Mentor?  If you phone school then the office admin team will make sure that you are given a time to come and speak to Mrs Morris.  You may pop into the office in the morning and if she is free she could see you then, especially if it is really urgent.  If you are a child in school then you can go and see Mrs Morris in her office. Always let your teacher know if you need to see her and they will help you find a time when she can talk to you.