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Forest Schools

Forest Schools is one of the highlights of the year for all children from year 1 to 6. All children participate in a half term of sessions lasting half a day a week. The sessions take place in the woods on site and are led by Level 3 qualified Forest School Practitioners Ms Pearson, Mrs Glover, Mr Riley and Mr Johnson.

Forest Schools was introduced into the UK from a Danish model of child early education and as it developed and was brought across from Scandinavia, it became increasingly used as a key tool in promoting self awareness and increasing self esteem. At Upton Heath C of E Primary School we believe that by taking part in activities based around the topic areas of the individual year groups, the children all learn new skills including; fire lighting, knot tying, den building and trail finding. It is also great fun! The safe environment allows the children to take part in exciting activities with lots of guidance and nothing written down! There is always hot chocolate and a biscuit to look forward to and with the children being outdoors whatever the weather this is always very welcome.


What our children say about Forest Schools:


I've learnt how to share better,

I've leant that team work is better than being by your self.

There's more to nature than you think.

I like it when we have time to reflect at the end of the sessions.

This is fab!

I've learnt more about nature and how to care about it.


For more information about forest school at Upton Heath please visit our Forest School class page.


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