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Welcome to our Foodbank page

Foodbank is a national organisation which helps people in local communities who don't have enough money for food, for us this includes people in Chester and Ellesmere Port. We have been involved since 2012.

How does it work?

Food is donated by schools, churches, businesses (including supermarkets) and individuals. It is sorted and stored by volunteers who then pack it into boxes ready to be given to people in need. Foodbank clients are identified by front line services and bring their voucher to a foodbank centre where it can be redeemed for three days emergency food.

If you would like to find out more, please visit: (click the link or the banner, above)

To donate bring in any of the items on the list (click on the file, below) and place them in the Collection Box (a labelled clear plastic box) which is located in the front entrance, near the school office. When it is nearly full we will arrange for it to be emptied..

If you have any questions feel free to ask Mr Johnson or any of the Foodbank Team in Y6.


Upton Heath Foodbank in the local press...

A lesson for us all….
Recently, while working in the warehouse we received a telephone call from a local primary school pupil requesting that food be picked up.
Upton Heath’s Primary School’s year 5 children, from Birch and Elm classes, under the watchful eye of Mr. Dave Johnson have been collecting food for the Chester and Ellesmere Port Foodbank. The classes have a core team of 6 pupils who completely run and manage the whole project including what are now becoming regular telephone calls to the Foodbank to pick up the food that has been donated by the children.
What a wonderful example of community spirit in actively helping people who are in need. Well  done and thank you all for your continuing support.

Posted on Christians Together in the Port website on 29.1.13

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