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Facilitator Groups

At Upton Heath C of E Primary School we believe that working together in partnership is extremely important and therefore look for opportunities to engage with all members of our community.
Our facilitator groups are, at present, led by members of staff to discuss areas for further improvement.  These are linked to ensuring our Core Professional Purpose is delivered. Facilitator leads invite members of the school community to attend meetings.  Who is invited will depend on the focus and intended outcomes.

So far we have run facilitator groups that have included a combination of the following members:

  • teachers
  • support staff, including admin, midday assistants,
  • pupils
  • parents
  • governors
  • CWAC advisory staff
  • members of local community groups
  • representatives from local churches

If you would like to be involved in any facilitator groups then please email school, phone us on 01244 972970 or complete a 'Parental Communication Form'.

If you would like to come along to a meeting then please let us know via email or leave a message with one of our admin team.
We will contact you nearer the time and offer some dates to meet.
Thank you for your continued support.