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How do I pay for school lunches and visits?

To make a payment for school lunches or educational visits, please visit 
If you are having a problem logging in or have a query, please contact the school office on 01244 972 970 for assistance.

I wish to take my child out of school for a holiday

If you wish to apply for a leave of absence for your child, please make sure that you have referred to the Attendance Policy that is adopted by all schools in the Upton area.  An overview of the criteria used to authorise attendance is available below:


The following are all at the Headteacher’s discretion:

  • the parent has leave from the Armed Forces (Services)
  • Family Crisis (e.g. adoption; bereavement; additional medical needs)
  • Religious Observance by the religious body to which the parents belong 
  • Participation in a supervised sporting activity approved by the school
  • Medical or dental appointments (non routine)
  • Modelling or special stage performances (as long as it can be proved that the education of the child does not suffer)
  • Examinations 

If your application meets any of these criteria please download the form here.
If you would prefer, you can collect a paper copy from our school reception.

How do I apply for a place for my child at Upton Heath C of E Primary?

To apply for any places in our school you must do so through Cheshire West and Chester's Admissions Team.

School Admissions
Cheshire West & Chester Council
Wyvern House
The Drumber
Tel:  0300 123 7039      
Fax: 01606 862 100
You can also apply online. For more information, please visit:
To arrange a viewing of the school prior to making an application, please contact school. 
If your child is a new reception starter, please look out for dates of important open evenings on our homepage and calendar.

My child has to attend an appointment, what shall I do?

Please notify the Office giving details of the time and date of the appointment.

On the day, collect your child from the reception area.  You will be asked to sign your child out of school to ensure we follow our health and safety guidelines.  When they have been to the appointment please return your child through the Main entrance where you will sign them back in to school.
It would be helpful if you could also let the class teacher know too.

I need to inform school of a change of address.

If you have moved house then please contact the admin team and pass on your new details.

You can contact the admin team by telephone 01244 972970 or by email
Thank you for your cooperation.

I need to inform school of a change in my child's medical needs.

If there has been a change in your child's medical needs then please contact the admin team and pass on your this new information. 
You can contact the admin team  by telephone 01244 972970 or by email The information will be passed on to Mrs O'Leary-Davies and the class teacher.  In some cases a medical care plan may be necessary and so we will contact you to complete this.  If you are unsure then please do not hesitate to ask.
If you would also mention this to your child's class teacher that would be helpful too. 
Thank you for your cooperation.

I have a concern, who should I speak to?

If your concern is regarding your child's learning you should speak to your class teacher in the first instance.  You can talk to them on the playground in the morning or the afternoon, or you can arrange an appointment with them via the school office.

If your concern is regarding any other matter please contact Mr Oakes our Business Manager via the school office.

I wish to park on the school grounds.

Parking anywhere within the school premises between the hours of 8.30am & 5.30pm Monday – Friday is not permitted. Staff and visitors to school are the only people permitted on site.

In exceptional circumstances permission can be sought from the school by completing an application form that is then submitted to the Head teacher.  Permission will or will not be given according to the criteria set by the Shadow Governing Body.

The criteria are:

  • The vehicle is transporting a disabled child who is unable to enter the school grounds safely without transport;
  • The parent or carer has a disabled badge that has been issued by a local authority.

Please make sure that you park in the surrounding streets responsibly, i.e. not blocking driveways, parked on or too close to corners, blocking walkways or crossings etc.  We believe that neighbours to the school should feel valued and that they are treated with respect. This is obviously modelled to our children by yourselves and the staff.

PCSO Browell  will issue fixed penalty notices to people who fail to comply with The Highway Code.

Thank you for helping us to look after the safety of the children in our care.

Where do I buy a school uniform?

Embroidered uniform items can be purchased from Uniformity, Handbridge, Chester.

School book bags are available directly from our School Office.
At Upton Heath C of E Primary School we encourage all children to wear their school uniform, so that they look smart in appearance. 
The uniform consists of: 
Girls: Grey skirt or trousers.  Blue shirt or polo shirt.  
Upton Heath Cardigan. In the summer they may wear blue and white checked dresses or grey shorts. 
Boys: Grey trousers or shorts.  Blue shirt or polo shirt.  
Upton Heath Sweatshirt.  In the summer they may wear short sleeved blue 
shirts and grey shorts. 
Shoes:  Strong, dark coloured laced , Velcro or buckled shoes are recommended.  For very young children the use of Velcro fastenings is particularly helpful. 
Training shoes and boots are discouraged as are shoes with higher heels.  
Please note that if your child does come into school with shoes which are not appropriate they will be asked to wear their school pumps and you will be  requested to provide a suitable pair that do not constitute a health and safety risk. 
The P E Kit:
White polo or Tee Shirt.  Navy shorts or navy gym skirt. Black plimsols for 
indoor or playground use. 
When children are taking part in outdoor activities they will be advised if   
different footwear is necessary. 
During the Winter months children may wear a plain tracksuit for outdoor 

My child has lost an item of clothing, what should we do?

Clothing is expensive and we do our very best to ensure that any misplaced items are reunited with their owners.  For this to happen successfully we do need parents and carers to ensure that all articles of clothing are named.  
If we know that an item is named then we will be able to look for it in 'Lost Property' and even put out an alert on the Newsletter.  If it is not named then this makes it very difficult to help you.
If your child has lost an item then please ask the class teacher. If they can not help then go to the Office and the school admin team will be able to direct you to lost property.