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Academy Status

Upton Heath Church of England Primary School's governing body wrote to parents and carers on the 17th September 2015 to share with them their decision that 

 ‘It in the best interest of children that Upton Heath Church of England Primary School becomes an Academy as part of a Multi Academy Trust

Since then as part of the process towards conversion we have been working together to identify schools who share our vision and value the opportunity to be engaged in developing a multi academy trust. As part of this process members of the Senior Leadership Team have also been involved in discussions with a number of different schools around Academy Status.  During our work we have worked with a number of different schools.  Mrs O'Leary-Davies, Dr Ziman and myself were also asked to talk at 'The Academies Show' in London.  

You may like to follow the link to the Academy Show website. As a result of the presentation I have received a number of emails responding to our presentation.

'I attended your seminar at the Academies Show.  I found it the most useful part of the whole day – so thank you.' Pat Andre-Watson, Head teacher, Franciscan Primary School, Tooting.

During the last academic year we have worked on three different projects which involved engaging groups of governors, staff and pupils.  The outcomes of the working groups led to the decision that two school wish to continue to work with us to form a Multi Academy Trust.  These schools are Clutton Church of England and Little Sutton Church of England Primary Schools. 

Our next step is that each school will complete their consulations processes and we will then hold a event for all parents and carers to share information about our individuals schools and plans for forming the trust within the next 12 months. 

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