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Shakespeare players working hard...

Date: 22nd Oct 2015 @ 11:59am

With the performance of Julius Caesar less than a month away, the cast have been working hard to put together an entertaining play. The main characters of Brutus, Cassius, Caesar and Mark Antony are proving to be excellent. They have had lots of lines to learn and things to remember but they are doing a sterling job even with their death scenes - it's not the cheeriest of tales.

What to expect on the night of the performance? Intrigue, plotting, dastardly deeds and of course murder most horrid! The Narrators tell the tale in their own style and the whole company works throughout the time to move the strory along. Look out especially for the Plebs! They'll be an instant hit despite their murderous doings.We hope to see you in New Brighton on the night to enjoy the festival with us.

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Imogen wrote:

Imogen wrote: