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Day 4 - Disney!

Date: 5th Apr 2018 @ 9:41pm

Day 4
Wow! What a magical day we have had. Today was the first morning that the children were all up, dressed and raring to go before they had even had their morning wake up call! It must have been Disney day. After the children had tucked into their usual breakfast of coco pops, pain au chocolat or croissant we collected our bags, emptied the ‘Bank of Mr Riley’ and hopped on the bus before you could say Mickey Mouse. 

It didn’t take much time before we passed the unmistakable signs for the ‘place where magic happens’ and before long the children were chanting and singing with excitement. It was difficult to say who was more excited - the children or Mr Johnson who skipped to the front gate! 

The day consisted of meeting and interacting with several Disney characters including Jafar as well as braving the rollercoasters. So many children faced their fears and were extremely proud of themselves! Unfortunately many of the queue waiting times were over 45 minutes which meant we needed to come up with entertainment for ourselves. This didn’t take our talented, creative children long as once again they surpassed themselves by providing the public around us with a dance show - check out our twitter page to see for yourself! 

After a long but fun-filled day we made it back onto the bus and back to the Château just in time for tonight’s choice of coq au vin or leek tart, followed by a scrumptious chocolat eclair. 

The evenings entertainment began with a bin bag fashion event. The children worked together to design, make and model their own bin bag costume. It was an eclectic mix of religious attire, Parisian haute-couture and shambolic efforts - to say the least. The judges were more than impressed. 

Subsequently, the children (and Miss Wild) enjoyed a series of disco games, including musical chairs and musical statues. This continued until the children’s legs could move no more and off to their rooms they went to wash, pack and settle down for the long journey home tomorrow. 

A demain!
Miss Wild x

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