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Day 3

Date: 5th Apr 2018 @ 6:59am

Day 3

You will not be surprised to hear that breakfast time is becoming quieter as the week goes on… !!

But… up and out by 9 am and on our way to the ‘Triffel’ (!?!) Tower.  En route we JUST HAD to watch part 2 of ‘Hotel Transylvania’ which was making Mr. Riley chuckle lots. We beat most of the traffic and passed several iconic Parisian landmarks such as The Cloud Factory, which regulates the amount of cloud cover over the city, and the ‘Bred Banque’, where every Parisian can collect a free daily baguette by inserting their card into the ATM. We particularly liked the Pea Factory Building, which shoots poor quality petit pois into the Seine, accounting for its rich green hue.

Then we were there. The Tower loomed over us like a chic but slightly haughty Parisian. Slightly disappointed to find that the summit was fermé so we had to settle for the first and second levels, much to Mr. Riley’s relief! Several children counted every step of the way – 669 to the second level to be precise. Some of our daredevils braved walking on, lying on and even cartwheeling across the glass floor while others were daredevils in the rather overpriced souvenir shop…oo la la!

Lunch in the sunshine by the Seine was next – just beneath the Tower – and it actually briefly felt like Springtime in Paris! Back onto the bus and off to the beautiful Museé D’Orsay, where we saw works of art by Monet, Van Gogh, Rodin and Degas amongst many others. So pleased and proud that many of our fab children really appreciated the displays and were interested in the art, and that all of them were very respectful and well behaved all the way round. It was warm, and we were tired, so we were glad of the fresh air when we emerged and walked towards the Louvre then through the Tuileries. The children’s chatter is endlessly entertaining – they are gorgeous company. An example for you – ‘Mrs.Morris, why does that ambulance siren sound funny?’
‘Because it has a French accent.’
‘Oh, yeah.’

We stopped at an enormous Carrefour hypermarket –‘Wow, it’s as big as Upton!’ - and gave the children this brief – ‘Try to buy something that you would not be able to buy in England.’ Three quarters of an hour later, and laden with M&Ms, Skittles, Lindt bars and bottles of Coca Cola, we staggered back to the very patient Aled, our driver, and his coach. Dinner was at 7pm. A choice of lasagne or vegetable risotto, and every child was encouraged to sample the local delicacy – escargot! A high percentage of them accepted the challenge – once again, we are so proud!

Another fabulous day. The children have experienced so much and achieved so much. We will all sleep soundly tonight, especially the staff!  Bonne nuit.

Mrs Hughes

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