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Day 2

Date: 3rd Apr 2018 @ 8:03pm

Day 2

The children appeared at their bedroom doors like they were emerging from a winter of hibernation. Bleary eyed but refreshed from a solid night of sleeping in France. An 8 o’clock appointment with breakfast was met by all with croissant, pain-au-chocolat and le coco-pops (French for coco-pops). Breakfast with PGL is always preceded by sandwich making. Some excellent - if new – concoctions were created to be sampled on a boat on the Seine in a few hours.

The children were keen to get a grip on their Euros. Smoke was coming from a number of pockets as we set off for Brie-Comte-Robert. It’s a typically lovely French town: market once a week; large church; boulangerie-patisserie; several cafes and an underwear shop. The quiz had us all reading signs and using our limited knowledge of French phrases but it was fun. Group A won – Miss Wild said they did so it must be true! A fun way to tour around the town.

The market sold fruit, veg, fish, clothes and stuff aimed at the currently captive audience. Baseball caps and balls on strings were purchased alongside fidget spinners (apparently not ‘so last year’ in France) and sunglasses. The children were polite and did their very best with French words. The cakes they bought were particularly spectacular.

We got back on the coach to head in to Paris. The traffic built up and the children were kept amused by the quizzes: they’ve got great general knowledge. Famous buildings slid by with the Eiffel tower literally towering above. Spilling out of the coach once more, we went straight on to the boat for the river cruise. There was lots of waving to the tourists after eating our unusual sandwiches. Tuna and pepperoni is not a great combination seemingly (they should have asked!) The proximity to the Eiffel tower is a great test of bravado. As it stands, everyone is going to the top – we shall see!

Having disembarked the boat and moved on to the coach, we set off towards the steps up to the Sacre Couer. It’s a tourist hot spot and people holding selfie sticks and coach parties struggled up the stairs as we marched past. We took in the stunning view then went in. The children were perfectly respectful inside. We left and strolled the short distance to the square in Montmartre. A number of the children had their portraits done - a great souvenir especially as they look like them! We wandered back down to the bus and began the next activity…one called Le Traffic Jam. It was a good one. The journey took a little longer than on the way but another quiz followed by the beginning of a film saw us home in time for dinner. Sausages, potatoes, ratatouille, salad bar, bread rolls, broccoli soup and then donuts! Some children have developed a real taste for hot chocolate which they now have with most meals!

All in all it has been a wonderful day. All the children have had an excellent time and the teachers have loved it too. As I finish typing, the children are making crepes with Ivy (the ever enthusiastic PGL leader). Tomorrow…well it’s only the Eiffel Tower, Musee D’Orsay and Notre Dame. Marvellous.

Mr Riley

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