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Day 1 - Nous sommes arrivés!

Date: 2nd Apr 2018 @ 7:45pm

Bonne soir! You will be pleased to know we have all arrived safely.

After a wet and very early start to an Easter Monday morning, a group of 38 of Upton Heath’s finest and 5 enthusiastic adults set off on a trip of a lifetime.

Our journey started with a trip down the A5 south to the outskirts of the well-known French town of Shrewsbury… “Are  we in France already?” came one of many interesting questions. The first of 3 films helped keep the troops both amused and occupied as we waited to switch drivers – Aled (a pleasant Welshman) will be with us for the week. We continued in the dark of night towards our first destination – the Port of Dover…via a service station for a toilet break, much needed stretch-of-legs and the first opportunity of independence – spend some money. Breakfast was served in the form of brioche buns and fruit before continuing on our journey with another film for those who managed/wanted to stay awake.

The crossing of the English Channel was a tad windy to say the least…it certainly blew away any sleep from our eyes and was a refreshing change from the coach. The entire group braved the wind on deck for at least 5 minutes, after which most returned indoors to explore and enjoy the view from a warmer and less windswept vantage point. We bid farewell to the White Cliffs of Dover and searched for the first glimpse of France on the horizon.

Once we arrived on said blessed soil, we all settled nicely back into the comfort of our transportation – some enjoyed more sleep; others watched the third film and the rest enjoyed the views of the French countryside.

We made great time avoiding traffic and a stop to arrive at the PGL Centre shortly after 5 (earlier than previous visits). A quick tour of the facilities, time to settle into their rooms and a lovely first meal preceded a few evening activities.

Your children have been wonderful, kept us amused with their interesting questions throughout the day and are ready for a good night’s sleep before the next part of the adventure tomorrow.

And that is our first instalment of our blog – my attempt at making a 14-hour trip as interesting as I can J

Mr Johnson


All photos will be on our Twitter feed… @UptonHeathCE…throughout each day.


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Holly O wrote:

Hoping that all the children are having an amazing time. Lovely to see pictures of them all, especially our Holly Jane Owen and we can't wait for more pictures and the next installment. Lots of love from Holly's Dad and Mum xxx

Mr and Mrs Belisari wrote:

Fabulous. Thanks again to all of the adults for giving up their time for our children.